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Seductively crispy cookie made from selected natural ingredients; eggs and the ultimate quality of butter and as much as 23% of top quality Belgian chocolate, with natural flavours and no artificial colors.

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70 years of tradition


Belgian chocolates are synonym for quality and luxury. The history of this chocolate dates back to the 18thcentury and to this day the secret ingredients and method of production is strictly preserved. Once you taste this unique chocolate combined with crispy Lasta cookie, you will immediately fall in love with it and remain its long lasting fan. Five different forms of cookies symbolize national folk dance  after which Linđo got its name. Natural ingredients: eggs, butter and vanilla aroma represent a delicious snack in every occasion.


Nutritional values

Average Nutritional Value For 100g 1 Biscuit (11 g)
energy 465.9 kcal/1949.2KJ 51.25 kcal/214.4 KJ
fat 21.4 g 2.4
of which saturated fatty acids 12.0 g 1.3
carbohydrates 61.1 g 6.7
of which sugar 16.3 g 1.8
proteins 4.8 g 0.5
salt 0.4 g 0.0


For long-lasting freshness and best flavour

Keep in a cool, dry place. Use freshness sticker to maintain the freshness of the product in the opened package


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