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A story that has been passed down from generation to generation-pass it on!


Lasta’s story began 70 years ago in a small town bakery with diligent and dedicated 14 employees. The desire and need for growth resulted in the introduction of new products – waffles and biscuits in 1977. With this investment, Lasta became one of the leading confectionery giants of that time. After that, every household had a favourite Lasta product on the table representing a link of nostalgic moments through generations. The challenging 90s were followed by a difficult period fighting for survival and after a long period of struggle Lasta spread its wings again in 2022. Now products on offer bring more bits of happiness, more flavours to taste and new stories to tell…


Joining Lasta to Violeta Group a new successful business story begins. The goal is to create an assortment in accordance with international trends and market needs with an up to date way of doing business and approach to product development satisfying taste of consumers. Current production is based on solar energy, high quality ingredients and modern technology. An additional desire is to enrich and strengthen the local community with new vacancies, investments in agriculture and to be an example of successful domestic producer.


+ Years Of Tradition
+ Pieces Of Strudel Per Minute
0 kW
+ Power Solar Panels
20 % waste
+ Zero Waste Production